4 Benefits of Prenatal Counselling and How It Works

The reality of pregnancy is different from that we are shown on social media. Unfortunately, pregnancy is not all rosy skin and reading books to your growing belly. For numerous women, there are as many disadvantages as there are advantages. Fortunately, Dr. Jyoti Sharma offers counselling for pregnant mothers.

Part of the advantage of fetal counselling is that it offers you a safe space to talk about anxieties that are not normally discussed concerning pregnancy. Speaking to an Obstetrician & Gynae co logist can assist reduce any bad moods you may be feeling.


Now, what is perinatal counselling?

Perinatal counselling aids women sort through these contradictory feelings while the baby is still in the womb. But it’s not just for soon-to-be mommies; it’s also great for spouses and families with another child or two.


There are plenty of counselling benefits for parents so if you’ve ever been interested; you’ve come to the right place.


Stress and Expectations:

Women face a lot of pressure when it comes to growing a baby. They worried about making sure they are doing everything right. There is no magical solution when it comes to being a parent and doing everything flawlessly. It is acceptable to make errors or not know the right thing to do – part of prenatal counselling is finding a way to accept that.


Nervousness and Depression:

It is common to feel anxious or low spirited during pregnancy. Though, for certain women, these moods can manifest in parental nervousness or depression. If these mental health worries go untreated, and oftentimes they do, it can result in serious challenges for both you and your infant. Dr. Jyoti Sharma can support women to learn several strategies and lifestyle changes they can implement that can make an important transformation.


Body Appearance:

If you have complexes about what pregnancy will do to your body, you are not alone. Beyond your growing belly, all kinds of changes – good and bad happen from head to toe. Dr. Jyoti Sharma will comfort you to overcome the most common fears about gaining the pounds needed for a healthy baby, along with guidance on how to deal.


Post Trauma:

Unfortunately, giving birth does not always go as scheduled. Things like memories, nightmares, and lack of trust in care providers can re-emerge during pregnancies. Dr. Jyoti Sharma relieves you to work through to ughreminiscences and stay attentive to the current pregnancy and natal experience.

Who is Neonatal counselling for?

Neonatal or Antenatal counselling aids parents of all kinds. If you are a first-time mom with doubts concerning the new or a family already with two toddlers, you can schedule an appointment. Spouses are welcome too. Pregnancy and life after birth are not just traumatic for the parent who is pregnant, but for one and all involved.


If you and your partner are facing any fears or strain during your pregnancy, we highly recommend that you book an appointment with the expert counsellor – Dr. Jyoti Sharma before the baby comes.