servicesDr. Jyoti Sharma provides high level care for both high risk & uncomplicated pregnancies as well as complex gynaecological conditions. Her main areas of interest are open & laparoscopic gynaecological procedure, colposcopy as well as high risk obstetrics care. She aims to provide excellent & personalised care to her patient.


Dr. Jyoti Sharma is a highly experienced, knowledgeable and caring obstetrician practising in the western suburbs of Melbourne. She has provided excellent care to thousands of women during their pregnancy journey for the last 20 years. Dr Jyoti has the expertise to handle both low as well as high risk pregnancies successfully and always strives to provide the best quality, individualized and evidence based care to all pregnant ladies.

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Dr. Jyoti Sharma is an experienced gynaecologist practising in the western suburbs of Melbourne. As a highly qualified & experienced gynaecologist, she is able to diagnose and treat both common as well as complex gynaecological conditions including ovarian cysts, fibroids, heavy or irregular periods, adenomyosis, endometriosis and abnormal cervical screening test to name a few.

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Pre-pregnancy counselling

Pre-pregnancy counselling is very important to assess a woman’s health prior to conception as this may have a long term impact on her baby’s health. This helps to identify and address any issues that may adversely affect a future pregnancy. The session includes detailed history taking and examination, blood tests and ultrasound.

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